Rules & Guidelines

To ensure a safe group club rides, we ask you to observe the following… 

  • Follow the Highway Code at all times
  • Your road bike must be in road worthy condition
  • You must wear a cycling helmet that is in good condition
  • Carry a spare inner tube & tools.
  • Mudguards are required in wet/winter conditions – usually from November to February
  • Ride as a group. If necessary, regroup and allow slower riders time to recover, drink or eat
  • Shout forwards advising the group if someone is falling behind or has a puncture or mechanical issue
  • Point to/call out hazards  (the calls are covered here) so riders behind are made aware
  • Listen to, pass on and follow instructions given by other members of your group
  • Ensure that you advise your group if you intend to leave the group ride before the end.
  • Give more space to new or unfamiliar riders
  • Avoid riding with your front wheel overlapping/alongside the rider in front (“half wheeling”)
  • Avoid sudden changes of direction or sharp braking. Make sure you know where the other cyclists are before moving left, right, slowing or stopping. If slowing or stopping give an audible signal  ‘Slowing’ or ‘Stopping’.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions, layers are always a good idea
  • Wear club kit wherever possible. It is great to ‘belong’ and it is also easier for the Ride Leaders to pick out BCC riders.
  • No headphones
  • No tri bars.