Instructions and Hand Signals

Instructions you’ll hear while riding on a club run

  • Car up” A car is behind the group and waiting to pass. Await instruction for your Ride Leader on whether to go single file, if appropriate.
  • Car down” A car is coming towards the group. Await instruction from your Ride Leader on whether to go single file.
  • Single out” Move into single file. If riding on the outside, drop behind the rider to your left.
  • Hole” or “Below” There’s a pothole or bad road surface that you should avoid. Some riders will point down, to the left or right.
  • Easy”, “slowing” Slow down, prepare to stop. Usually given on the approach to a junction. Do not brake too heavily unless required.
  • Gravel” There’s gravel or loose road surface, you should slow down and/or take care.
  • Clear left” or “Clear right” There’s no traffic coming from the left(right) and it’s safe to proceed. Usually given after an “easy” instruction. But NEVER rely solely on the instructions of others – you must always check yourself whether it is clear to proceed.
  • Change” Rider(s) at the front of the group come off the front according to the rotation style of the group.

This list is not exhaustive but is likely to be the bulk of those used.

Hand Signals

  • Downward point to the right or left – Pothole, manhole cover or broken road.
  • Palm down hand shaking – broken and uneven surface.
  • Point behind back – Over taking a stationary vehicle or obstacle in the road.
  • Palm pushing back behind you – Slowing down.