Club Rides

The club ride takes place every Saturday morning. All club riders meet together at Berkhamsted Cricket Club HP4 1HE at 7:45am (meeting point may be Berkhamsted Tesco Car Park in winter, please check if you plan to come along). We split into groups according to how fit you are feeling, then head off at 8am following a short ride briefing.

If you are a new rider you are welcome to join us for a trial ride before deciding whether to join. Once you arrive, make yourself known to the Ride Co-ordinator so that we can make sure you go out in the correct group.

If the weather conditions are forecast to be very bad (below 3 degrees Celsius, high winds or very heavy rain) please check our public Facebook page here or email our rider coordinator here as there are occasional changes made to the ride time or cancellations. Club members will be notified in advance via email.

Ride Categories
We split riders out based on average speed and distance and depending on how many riders are going out on a given morning. The categories at Berkhamsted Cycling Club (BCC):

  1. 12 -14 mph – Ride length 20-25 miles
  2. 14 -15 mph – Ride length 25-30 miles
  3. 15 -16 mph – Ride length 30+ miles
  4. 16 -17 mph – Ride length 35+ miles
  5. 17 -19 mph – Ride length 40+ miles
  6. 17 -19 mph long ride – Ride length 50+ miles – Note that this group meets at 7:30am in Berkhamsted Tesco car park.

Please note that whilst the distances and averages seem conservative, the area where BCC cycles is generally very hilly, which will impact on the ride. All rides are social rides, unless stated otherwise. Please remember that our goal is to conduct safe and fun rides.

The aim is to complete the ride in around 2 hours to meet back at the Cricket Club for post-ride coffee and restorative cake. In the winter months we return to the Kings Arms, Berkhamsted.

Departure arrangements
To ensure an organized and informed departure on club runs, the following arrangements will apply:

  • Riders assemble at Berkhamsted Cricket Club HP4 1HE at 7:45am (or Berkhamsted Tesco Car Park in winter).
  • Any club notices may be given by the committee.
  • Riders split into groups. Groups may wish to agree among themselves that someone will act as ride leader or sweeper for the group.
  • Groups depart in order starting with the fastest speed group.

Moving up a group – If you have been riding with a group and you feel like you would like to ride in a faster group, then we suggest that you ride at the front of your present group for a couple of weeks and climb the hills on the route to be one of the first to the top. Remember it is not a race but we want to ensure that you are fit enough to join the next group. When joining the next group ride at the back of the group getting comfortable with the pace and the other riders around you. Once you feel comfortable then take your turn at the front in rotation like the other riders in the group.

Being Ask To Leave – You maybe asked to leave the group if poor riding standards persist, if you fail to: follow the guidance of the Ride Leader, the Highway Code or if your behaviour is considered unsafe to other members of the group or other road users.