Youth Membership

Whilst Berkhamsted Cycling Club (BCC) is nominally an adult cycling club, the Club is very happy to accommodate competent youth members aged 12-17.  The expectation is that the potential youth member is able to cycle competently in a group, meeting at least the minimum 12 mph average; this will be gauged by one of the Club’s Ride Co-ordinator team.  The reason for this is that youth members will be hosted within the extant adult cycling groups rather than within a specific youth group.  Moreover, it is anticipated that BCC will be listed as the individual’s first claim club. The number of 12-15 year old places is limited in the Club to a maximum of 3 owing to the necessary safeguarding requirements.  The current number can be ascertained from the Membership Secretary.

BCC has both a formal Club Welfare Officer, to oversee the necessary safeguarding requirements, and a Child Protection Statement.  Any 12-17 year old wishing to become a Club member will require parental agreement

Download our Child Protection Policy Statement

Download our Youth Terms and Conditions

To ensure a safe and risk-free environment for riders, we require Berkhamsted Cycling Club (BCC) members join British Cycling also – this provides suitable insurance and provides a number of other benefits all year round. British Cycling’s minimum acceptable policy for required insurance is ‘Ride’, so we recommend this.

British Cycling offer BCC members a 50% discount on their first year (only) off British Cycling’s membership:

The registration and payment process for both British Cycling & BCC membership is available on-line from BCC’s page on British Cycling’s website.

Please complete all fields on the membership form including ICE, email and telephone details.

• Youth £17.50 per year (12-17 years)
Please note that British Cycling charge a £1.00 administration fee.

Your membership purchase will be confirmed by email, and you will also receive a membership pack by email from the Membership Secretary.
The Club has membership cards, including emergency contact information, and these are to be carried by members on club rides.
New members can collect their cards from Lovelo Cycle Works in Berkhamsted.

If you have any questions before applying for youth membership, please don’t hesitate to contact the club membership team.

sportive-star-icon-smallFamily memberships availablesportive-star-icon-small
BCC was set up in 2014, is a very successful club, subscriptions continued to grow and we have over 220 members.
Around 20% of our members are ladies, we currently have more than 10 families, but less than 10 youth / student members.
The Committee is keen to encourage more families to join BCC, and have fun on 2 wheels.

We are now offering 2 different great value membership options:
Annual One Adult family membership £37.50
Annual Two Adult family membership £50.00

If interested in either membership, please follow these steps for the members of your family to join BCC:
1. Click here to contact the Membership secretary.

2. Trial ride with BCC for all the family. Click here for information on a trial ride.

3. Click here to join British Cycling and select Berkhamsted Cycling Club as your club.

4. Buy your BCC family membership on the British Cycling website. Please note signed parental forms (for Child Welfare Officer) need to be completed for each youth member and given to the Membership Secretary. The Parental Consent form can be downloaded by clicking here.

5. Click here to send an email to the Treasurer with names of the family members.

6. Each member will be issued with a BCC membership card, to be carried on all club rides.

7. Enjoy the club rides and the social activities!